Slay the Public Records Request Dragons: Real Stories of Conquest

In Part I of Slay the Public Records Request Dragon webinar, we discussed the complexity, legislation, and litigation making public records requests ever-more challenging to fulfill. In Part II, we heard from someone with experience in the battle using GovQA to tame the beast.

We didn’t know it then, but these pre-2020 dragons were about to rapidly evolve with the turn of the decade.

Thanks to the 2020-Effect, our dragons grew three new heads: COVID-19civil unrest, and future uncertainty, which has resulted in a whole new level of chaos. With little warning, government data sharing has become more important than ever, putting state and local Public Record Departments on the front lines.


  • Revisiting pre-2020 dragons;
    Complexity, Legislation, Litigation
  • New dragons, new layers of chaos
  • How Denver RTD goes to battle
  • Becoming a superhero for your organization
  • Actionable tactics to conquer the dragons


  • WHO: Individuals on the frontlines of Public Record Management
  • WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 8 @ 2:00 pm EST
  • WHERE: GoToWebinar