Watch Microsoft and Equinix talk about Hybrid Cloud Best Practices

Primary Data Center services are moving to the cloud. This presents some natural challenges due to constraints of legacy network infrastructure which can delay enterprises ability to leverage new and innovative services in Azure.

Microsoft’s global network and connectivity capabilities combined with Platform Equinix can optimize and secure your hybrid workloads and services, and save time and money. Ensuring mission-critical applications are close to end-users with optimal connectivity and consistent performance is imperative to successfully implementing services on Azure. By working with Equinix and Microsoft, customers receive a step by step migration framework on how to optimize their ExpressRoute implementation. Join us as we share best practices for planning a cloud adjacent infrastructure that ensures mission-critical workloads, such as (SQL, VDI, SAP, VMware extension to Azure) are implemented with the speed, security and flexibility your business requires.

In this session we shared:

  • Methodologies and positive benefits of incorporating elasticity into your legacy DC infrastructure
  • Optimizing ExpressRoute for priority applications in Microsoft Azure.
  • Roadmap designs and cloud readiness best practices for security, performance, and scale. (Solving for key security and compliance concerns)
  • Enabling cloud and SaaS based applications without wholesale Data Center moves or disruption

About Equinix

Access to the Microsoft Azure Gov Cloud onramps are exclusively available through Equinix. The edge node of Microsoft’s physical infrastructure for Azure ExpressRoute largely reside in Equinix ~210 data centers globally, allowing Architects and IT professionals to bridge their cloud and data center strategies. State, local, and enterprises benefit from the scale, flexibility and cost-advantages of Azure—without the complexities and costs historically associated with traditional network interconnection. Equinix will explain technologies and share techniques to leverage a business ecosystem that enables you to provision workloads at scale on Azure in a Hybrid Cloud world.